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Material Properties

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Wear Grade

Quantum Polymers manufactures internally lubricated Wear Grade High Performance and Engineering Plastics stock shape products. These products provide a balance of excellent mechanical properties, wear resistance and low friction of coefficient. These products are formulated with additives comprised of graphite, carbon fiber and PTFE.

Our manufacturing is optimized for us to uniquely offer the following advantages to our customers:

  • Custom sizes resulting in higher yields of machined parts
  • Low minimum order processing
  • Short Delivery times (typical 2 to 3 weeks)
  • Available in Tubular Bar of various OD/ID

Our extruded stock shapes of the following grades provide a wide range of performance options for demanding applications:

  • Ketaspire SL30 PEEK
  • Ultem 4000
  • PPS-PTFE (Blue)
  • Delrin AF100
  • Delrin AF500
  • Delrin DE588
Quantum uses prime virgin raw materials only. All of our products accompany resin lot number and batch number with full traceability.