ULTEM™ High Performance Stock Shapes

Quantum Polymers is a premier US manufacturer of extruded engineering and high performance polymer stock shapes for machined parts. Quantum focuses on ULTEM™, Kynar®, PEEK and PPS but specializes in providing best-in-class quality, innovation, and service across a wide range of polymers.

The ULTEM™ family of amorphous thermoplastic polyetherimide (PEI) resins offers outstanding elevated thermal resistance, high strength and stiffness, and broad UV and chemical resistance. PEI resins are used in a variety of applications where resistance to high heat, certain solvents and flame is paramount. Quantum’s PEI stock shapes perform in continuous use to 340°F (170°C). ULTEM™ also offers exceptional electricalproperties over several frequencies. Read full article here.

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