Semiconductor and Electronics

QuantaSTAT® ESD Grades

For Semiconductor and Electronics Manufacturing Equipment

Quantum Polymers manufactures Quanta™STAT grades of high performance stock shape products for ESD applications. Machined parts made from Quanta™STAT materials are ideally suitable for Semiconductor and Electronics manufacturing equipment.

Quantum Polymer’s Quanta™STAT materials use extremely small loadings of carbon nano tubes(CNT) instead of large amounts of carbon fibers or powders to achieve the same level of electrostatic properties. This results in clean, non-sloughing materials with homogenous conductivity while preserving the base properties of the resin. Quanta™STAT offers minimum ion content, superior dimensional stability and minimal outgassing. Quanta™STAT materials also have excellent surface finishes and are easy to process.

The following grades of Quanta™STAT materials are available for Semiconductor and Electronics manufacturing equipment.

Quantum uses prime virgin raw materials only. All of our products are accompanied by certifications including lot and batch numbers as well as date of manufacture.


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